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jrock_icons's Journal

J-rock Icons
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1. Don't steal icons.
2. Give credit, unless the icon maker says otherwise.
3. Don't link to locked comms, or state posts will be locked in x days. Open journals only.
4. You may post up to three icons/teasers before a link or cut.
5. You may request icons.
6. You may advertise your J-rock site/community, but don't overdo it.
7. Only post J-rock icons. (If you break this rule, your post will be promptly deleted. Especially if it's spam.)
8. Don't flood.
9. Drama will be deleted.
10. No "Where can I find ______?" posts, unless you're asking where to find a certain type of icon.


Q: Where's a good place for me to host icons?

A: To say it simply, Photobucket.

Q: If I'm x-posting (cross-posting) J-rock and non-J-rock icons in various communities, can I do the same here?

A: Only if preview icons/teasers are exclusively J-rock.

Q: Can I post J-rock friends-only banners and user info images?

A: Icons only. Other communities to consider:
jrockwallpapers, jrock_graphics, jrock_banners and jrock_winamps :3

Q: Help! Someone said I stole their icons! What does this mean?

A: You probably didn't put credit in your keywords for the icon you took. Crediting is simple and considerate! :)

Q: Someone is harassing me about my icons, leaving rude comments! What should I do?

A: Drama is not accepted. Message gothrockrulz about this, or any other questions you might have about this comm, and she'll get back to you ASAP.


gothrockrulz (active)
rushifaa (no longer active)
fahrenheit // icon journal night_deluxe (no longer active)

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